Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 5 - 28/9/2009

Monday, a week until school starts and that equals lost of questions! But anyway, what's new with the expander. Well, my so called Vampire tooth is nearly back into place, I'd say a couple more days and it will be back in line with all the others.

I have realized that mince is one food that although it is small, it is going to go up into my expander and stick, and because it is so small, mum is finding it difficult to get it out. Oh, and about mum picking food out, she has found another tweezers that isn't as sharp to use. That's a relief because one of these days, I thought she was going to scratch me. Mum is going to go away for a few days in a few weeks so dad is going to have to learn how to expand my mouth and will also have to go through the gruesome task of picking food out. I bet 100% that he is NOT looking forward to this, but he is just going to have to do it.

I should just let you know that we are going to Philip Island from Friday night to Sunday so I may or may not be able to post. Lets hope that I can take my laptop! If not, mum may take hers. We are going to be staying at a campsite in a caravan so I doubt that there will be a internet room to get wireless. I'll see what happens!

B - Nutrigrain (Easy) & Raisin Toast (Ok, food stuck)
L - Beef Cup Noodles (Easy) & Cup Soup (Easy as)
Di - Leftovers (Hard, food stuck)
De - Ice-cream (Easy)
S - Baby Cereal (Easy)

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