Monday, May 17, 2010

SO Much Pain

Well. I have just had surgery. Yes, 5 teeth have been removed and another exposed.

I have had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled from the corners of my mouth and one other pulled. I have also had one tooth which was up in my gum exposed. There is now a big hole there with the tooth just sitting there.

I am writing this in so much pain. I had my surgery on Friday 14th of May in the morning and now three days later I am having to lie in my bed and just watch TV and play on the computer, with the occasional visit to the toilet. I am still having mushy food. I am taking panadol 4 times a day and rinsing my mouth with hot salt and water 4 times a day, generally just before or just after a meal.

I have also developed the flu over the last few days so that is holding me back too. The best thing about this is that my mum has to wait on me and she has cleaned my room and put away my clean laundry so that is awesome!

I am expecting to go back to school on Thursday, although with the way I am feeling now, that is a long shot.